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The Missing NPR Podcasts

If you're an NPR listener who uses podcasts, you've probably noticed that there are no official podcasts for the Morning Edition or All Things Considered NPR radio programs. This is due in a large part to the fact that NPR makes a lot of its money from licensing these programs to its member stations (in proportion to the number of viewers, which providing an official podcast could decrease). NPR does, however, provide an API that allows access to the content of these programs. This site simply rearranges the output of the NPR API into a format iTunes can understand. In case it's not already obvious, this site is a personal project that is not affiliated with NPR in any way.

Because this website essentially circumvents NPR's business decision to encourage listeners to tune in to member stations instead of simply downloading program content, if you use this site as a complete replacememt for your member station, you are essentially hurting your local member station's business. Please don't do that. This site is entirely meant to provide a supplemental way to catch up on programs you missed when you aren't near a computer. No matter how you use this site, please remember to give to your local member station to make it possible for these programs to stay on the air.

Access to data from the NPR API requires an API key. Instead of just using mine and pelting NPR with requests for the same key, I've designed the site to use a key for each memeber. This means you'll need to get an API key from NPR (they're free), and enter it in the field below to generate your subscription links. Don't worry; the site won't store your key or use it for any purpose other than making a request for program content, rearranging that content (which it also won't store), and giving it to you. If you'd like to see how this all works, check out the source code.

Once you've got your API key, enter it below to generate your podcast links. Remember to read the API terms of use and make sure you're using the output of the NPR API as it was intended (personal, noncommercial, etc.).